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Doctor Consultations

  • How long can I speak with the doctor?

    From 15-30 minutes as per your requirements.

  • Will I get a refund if I cancel the online doctor consultation?

    We provide doctor consultation for free, so there will be no charges in the first place.

  • Do you provide online doctors for emergencies?

    No, our doctors’ appointments will happen per schedule. In case of emergencies, we suggest you visit the nearest hospital.

  • Is there any option to directly meet the doctor in person?

    No, Optimists doesn’t provide this facility right now.

  • Should I book an appointment prior?

    Irrespective of video consultation or teleconsultation, you should book an appointment prior.

  • Can I consult the doctor through video call?

    Yes, online video consultation is also available.

  • Can I speak to the doctors over the phone?

    Yes, teleconsultation is also available.

  • Is a doctor available 24*7?

    No, doctor appointments are done at only specific times.

  • Are my health records kept private?

    Yes, your health reports are confidential.

  • Can I get a prescription?

    No, you will be receiving an oral report from the doctor.

  • Can I request a particular doctor?

    You can select the specialty of the doctor, but not the doctor specifically by name.

  • Do I talk to real doctors?

    Yes, you will talk to only certified doctors online through Optimists.

  • How much does a consult cost?

    FREE! Optimists provides a certified doctor consultation online for free.

  • Do you have an individual consultation?

    Yes, you can have an individual consultation before and post your blood test with a certified doctor online.

Uncategorized FAQ

  • Can I request Blood Testing Assistance?

    You can book one of our blood collection assistants to visit your address to help you take the test. The assistant will still use an Optimists’ finger prick test method.

    Contact our customer service on 1800 111 999 to book a blood testing assistant.

Your kit

  • What's in my kit?

    Your kit has everything you need to complete your blood test safely from the comfort of your own home.

    1) 3 Blue Lancets.

    2) 1 or 2 collection microtainers. You will receive microtainers depending on the tests you have selected. One tube is yellow, and the other is purple. Both tubes contain substances that stabilize your samples for their transport.

    3) Collection Envelope

    4) Collection Tube Labels

    5) Plasters

    6) Alcohol Wipes

    7) Instructions

  • What do I do if I lost my instructions?

    If you lost the printed instruction sheet, you could find an online version here.

  • I need more lancets.

    If you cannot complete your test with the lancets provided, you can contact our customer service to request additional lancets.

  • Why did I only get one(or two) collection microtainer(s)?

    You will receive microtainers depending on the tests you have selected. One microtainer is yellow, and the other is purple. Both tubes contain substances that stabilize your samples for their transport.

  • Does my kit expire?

    Your kit has an expiry date because of the gels found in the collection microtainers. These gels become less effective at stabilizing your blood sample as time passes. We recommend you use the kit within 2months of delivery. We will let you know on your dashboard if your kit expired and we will help you arrange redelivery. Please note that we will only send you an additional kit free of charge the first time it expires. After this, you will have to pay a small fee for an additional kit.


  • How to claim the 10% discount mentioned on the Optimists Website?

    · After purchasing with us for the first time, you should take a photo with our blood testing kit and post it on any social media platform
    · Don’t forget to tag us and mention “#BeAnOptimist” in the post
    · You will hear from our team with your personalized discount code
    · You can claim a 10% discount with the code on your next order with Optimists.

Taking the test

  • Can I test if I am sick?

    Yes, but consulting a doctor when you are sick would be better. We also provide free certified doctor consultations online. Visit our website for information regarding free certified doctor consultations online.

  • I can't collect enough blood, what should I do.

    The instruction guide in the kit and on the website contain several helpful tips for your sample collection. We also provided extra lancets so you can try to prick another finger. If you need any more lancets please contact us.

  • When should I take my test.

    You should fast for 8 hours before taking the test. Doctors recommend you take the blood test first thing in the morning before breakfast as it shows accurate results for you. Drinking a lot of water is one of the best ways to prepare for the test.

    Please note: If you are doing a testosterone test, it must be done in the morning before eating.

  • How do I take the test.

    To take the test, follow the instructions here .

  • How often should I test?

    It is crucial to monitor your health regularly over time, and doctors recommend taking the test every 3months. This frequency will help you see the impact of health and lifestyle changes.


  • Can I have a refund if I don't want to do my test?

    If you do not require the test anymore or forget to cancel the subscription before the kit is sent out, we are happy to refund your money. Kindly contact us, and we will cancel the test cycle and refund you for the cost of the test, minus the fee for the kit if it has already been delivered.

    Other than in specific scenarios, we do not provide refunds after your test results are released.

  • Cancellation Policy

    You can cancel your subscription for free at any time. However, If you decide to cancel after we have already sent out the kit, your refund will exclude the cost of the kit. This is because your kit is classified as medical equipment and therefore can’t reuse, even if it is unopened.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Log into your Optimists’ personalized dashboard. Go to the account tabs on the top right. Click the button on the bottom. If you decide to cancel after we have already sent out the kit, your refund will exclude the cost of the kit. This is because your kit is classified as medical equipment and therefore can’t be reused, even if it is unopened.

  • How can I modify the tests in my subscription?

    Please contact us to modify your subscription.


  • Color coding of result ranges

    Your test results are displayed using a common traffic light system and will either be green, yellow, or red. This highlights which tests need attention and Your test results are displayed using a standard tri-color system and will either be green, amber, or red. This highlights which tests need attention and whether any biomarkers are out of range.

    We display your biomarker results using the same system, but the green and red categories are split based on severity. The green range consists of Optimal and Good while the red range consists of High and Very high. These may vary from test to test.

  • How accurate are my results?

    Our labs are NABL accredited, highlighting their quality and ability to deliver accurate and reliable results. Furthermore, our test kit contains ISO-certified medical equipment. This means the results that the data provided are of the highest standards.

    Compared to traditional blood testing methods that use syringes and veinous blood, the finger prick method was found to be just as accurate. Our sample collection methods have been clinically validated against the traditional blood testing methods, and multiple peer-reviewed publications support this.

    In some cases, abnormal results could occur. This is why we often recommend blood testing and monitoring at a frequency of your choice. Instead of looking at a snapshot of your results, you can see how they change and identify any abnormalities more quickly (if they occur)

  • Why didn't I receive my results?

    Your results should be with you within 48 hours of our collection. Please be aware that this might be affected by COVID restraints. If you have not received your results within 72 hours, please contact us through our customer care.

  • Why are some of my results unavailable?

    If one of your results look like this:

    It means our labs were unable to process these tests. This could be due to several reasons such as follows:

    1. Haemolysis. This is when your red blood cells burst. You may have squeezed too hard when collecting the sample.
    2. Clotting. If you took too long to collect the sample or did not invert the tube after the collection, the blood may clot. This makes it unprocessable.
    3. Small sample. You may not have collected enough blood.
    4. Incorrectly labeled sample

  • Understanding your results .

    The blood test results you receive from us will contain some context and guidance from our doctors. If you need some help understanding any results, contact us at hello@optimists.in. We will never access your results without your permission. Please remember that our team cannot provide any medical advice; you can consult a certified doctor for free through our website if needed. If you are interested in learning how to improve your results, check out our health hub.

  • Information About Free Androgen Index

    If you are a female, the normal range for your Free Androgen Index may vary based on several factors.

    Factor 1: Use of oral contraceptives. Good Range: 0-3.4

    Factor 2: Post menopausal (untreated). Good Range: 0-6.6

    Factor 3: Hirsute: Good Range: 1.7 – 20.6

    The good range will also vary based on your menstrual cycle:

    Normal Menstruating. Good Range: 0 – 8.5

    Follicular phase. Good Range: 0.8 – 9.3

    Midcycle. Good Range: 1.3 – 17

    Luteal phase. Good Range: 0.8 – 11

  • Can I print or download my results?

    To download a pdf version of your results, click the button on your results page or directly under your doctor’s note.


  • How can I order a single test?

    Our flexible Cancel Any Time policy means that you can cancel your subscription after just one test without facing additional costs. However, a single test only tells you about your health at a single time. Collecting multiple data points will paint you a picture of how your health changes over time. You will make the necessary lifestyle changes to stay healthy using this information.

  • How often should I test?

    The frequency of your test depends on your health objective, age, current health situation, risk factors. We recommend taking the tests every three months to begin. We believe it’s most effective to monitor your internal health regularly over time. So we recommend taking your test every three months. Three months is the time it takes to see the impact of health and lifestyle changes. It’s entirely up to you. Some people might want to test monthly, while others would prefer every six months; you can change the frequency of your subscription from your Optimists dashboard at any time. Here, you can also cancel your subscription, and you can always restart it again if you want to.

  • Why do we need your age, height, weight, and gender?

    Collecting these important factors allows us to show you the correct result ranges in your personalized dashboard. For example, the levels of testosterone in males and females differ. Also, it varies by age group. This information allows us to show you the correct ranges.

  • Do I lose access to my dashboard and past results if I cancel my subscription?

    No, our mission is to put your health in your hands, and our platform will allow you to do so. Re-subscribe any time to continue monitoring your health. If you want to delete your data permanently, please let us know.

  • I did not receive my kit but my status has changed.

    Please contact our customer support on our free online chat.


  • Currently, Optimists located at?

    Optimists currently operates from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

    If you are interested in our service in another location, please let us know via chat on our website Optimists.in or drop a mail to us at hello@optimists.in.

  • What are the benefits of at-home finger-prick tests?

    Benefits of home finger-prick tests:
    1) Quick and Simple.
    2) Less Painful: Many patients find using a lancet less painful than the traditional syringe method.
    3) Low Cost: At-home Contactless self-blood testing will reduce your travel expenses to the blood testing lab, and no need to cut down your working time.
    4) Convenience
    5) Privacy: You can do the test in the privacy of your own home and have your results secure and available only to you.
    6) Accuracy: The tests are processed in the same labs used by doctors, clinics, and hospitals so that the results will be more accurate and reliable.

  • What happens to my sample after it is tested?

    Our lab partners will store your blood sample safely and securely for 4days to resolve any queries we might have. After this, your blood sample will be discarded appropriately as biomedical waste.

  • Can anyone use Optimists?

    To use Optimists, you have to be at least 18 years old. Please keep in mind, some of the elderly population may struggle to draw enough capillary blood using our lancets.

  • How can such a small amount of blood be tested?

    Finger Prick sampling is a method of capillary blood testing. Capillary blood testing is a standard procedure, and now we can conduct micro-sampling. So now, we can run many tests on a small blood volume.

  • Are you trying to replace doctors?

    Optimists does not intend to replace doctors. We want to help you put your health in your hands in order to be proactive about your health. All our tests are reviewed by a qualified doctor who will be able to give you context into your results. Please view these tests as general health checkups. If you have any serious worries please contact your doctor or contact a certified doctor online for free through Optimists.

  • Having trouble adding tests to your package?

    You cannot select the following pairs of tests because some of the biomarkers test overlap:

    1) Ferritin and Advanced Iron Profile

    2) Testosterone(Total) and Testosterone(free and unbound)

    3) Thyroid (Basic Profile) and Thyroid (Advanced Profile)

  • What tests should I take?

    To find out what tests you should take, take up our Health Survey here.

  • Which cities are Optimists available in?

    Optimists currently operates in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India).

  • What is a biomarker?

    A biomarker is a molecule, gene, or characteristic by which a particular disease or health concern can be identified.

  • What tests do you offer?

    You can see all our tests on our “All Tests Page.”

  • How does Optimists work?

    Optimists is a home contactless self-blood testing service that lets you put your health in your own hands. There are three ways to order a package. 1) Select one of our packages. 2) Take our health survey and we will recommend tests suitable for you. 3) Build your own package from scratch.


  • What does cool and dry place mean?

    A drawer or a closed cabinet where the temperature stays under 25 degrees celsius is considered a cool and dry place. Also, kindly make sure the place you store the kit is away from direct sunlight and moisture.

  • How can I change my delivery address?

    You can change your address in Account Settings> Address.

    Suppose you want to change the address after placing an order with Optimists. Kindly contact us, and we will help you with changing the address after placing the order.

  • How to place an order for blood sample collection?

    Login to your dashboard, and click “Collect My Kit.”

    Mention when and where to collect the samples, and enter your mobile number. Someone should present at the given location to provide the collecting person with the blood sample.