NABL Accredited Blood Lab For Test With Optimists Healthcare

Lab Partners

We have partnered with India’s leading pathology labs to process our blood tests. Our labs are regionally certified and use a variety of quality inspections to ensure the highest quality of data generated with ISO standards.

Lab Certification

The laboratories we use implement strict quality assurance standards to ensure accurate results.

We are here for you and we know that once you become an Optimist, you’ll never look back.

Sample Collection

Our collection methods are effective, well-established, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Our collection methods meet rigorous standards for reliability and safety.

More is not necessarily more

It is a common misconception that labs need entire vials of blood to run tests. In reality, many common tests only need a small amount of blood. With our home testing kits you can collect the right amount of blood reliably and without waste. No syringes, no waiting rooms, and no hassle.